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Statement of Understanding
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Please Read The Following Declarations Carefully Before Signing:
·                      The purpose of the Oklahoma County Bar Association Attorney Placement Service will be to provide lawyers, law firms, and other entities with candidates to fill attorney positions.
·                      Attorney Placement Service (“APS”) will provide Employers with resumes of candidates whose qualifications appear to meet the Employer’s requirement for attorney positions.
·                      All information provided to APS shall be deemed confidential.  
·                      Our policy prohibits any candidate from contacting a potential Employer unless that Employer has contacted the candidate for a personal interview. This policy relates only to those Employers to whom the candidate’s resume and application have been forwarded by APS. Violators of this policy may be subject to loss of privileges of the APS.
·                      Failure to complete any part of the application or interview process will disqualify a candidate from participating in the APS.
·                      All information shall be placed on file and shall become the property of the Oklahoma County Bar Association Attorney Placement Service.
·                      All information provided by APS (application, reference information, results of personal interview, etc.) to the potential Employers shall not be considered a favorable or unfavorable recommendation of the candidate.
·                      Candidate information will be forwarded to potential Employers solely based on the job requirement provided by the Employer to APS.
·                      The Attorney Placement Service shall distribute a candidate’s resume in accordance with the Policies and Procedures and as partial consideration for the placement services provided. The candidate waives any claim against the Oklahoma County Bar Association for any loss, damage, or expense that may be incurred by the candidate as a result of the services rendered hereunder and the dissemination of the information concerning the candidates.
·                      It is understood that the APS is NOT employing the candidate and thus, the candidate will receive from the APS NO employment benefits such as insurance benefits, workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits, overtime compensation, or wages. Such employment benefits, if offered at all, will be at the responsibility of the Employer who hires the candidate/employee if a job is secured through the APS.
·                      I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by all the APS Policies and Procedures.

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